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Özel Avcı Nordic (Skandi)


 The average manufacturing time of the purchased product is 7-9 WEEKS..

Since we are manufacturing tailor-made, we have to keep our production time long in order not to decrease the quality and workmanship. Thank you for your understanding.

For your special requests and issues on your mind, you can write to the Whatsapp support line in the lower right corner.


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  • Steel: 4 mm BÖHLER N690
  • Blade Lenght: 130 mm
  • Total Lenght: 250 mm
  • Sheath: 3 mm Full Vegetal Calfskin
  • Mozaic Pin

                                 General features

High Grinding:  We recommend you to choose the ‘high grinding’ mouth structure for general use (splitting wood and chopping vegetables and fruits) in camping activities. In other words, high grinding is more suitable as a general use knife. You will not experience any loss of power, you can also do woodworking, but it is not as successful as Scandi in chipping works.


Nordic (Scandi):  You can use your knife more for splitting wood, chipping wood, etc. If you are going to use it mostly for woodworking, we recommend you to choose the ‘scandi’ mouth structure. It is the best helper for splitting and carving works with narrow mouth opening. We do not recommend it for cooking and fine work.


Hybrid: We take special orders from the colored handles available in the variations as a ‘hybrid’ option. The Hybrid handle provides the advantages of being water resistant and exclusive to you. We can work with the color combinations you want, only with epoxy or the tree you specify. There are many examples on our Instagram page, but we can also make your design.


Back File Work Pattern :There is no doubt that it increases the visual and collection value. However, if you are going to use a fire starter, the tread pattern will cause a lack of function for you. The fire starter rubs against the sharp corners of the blade with the back of the blade, creating sparks. When this part is patterned, it reduces the performance of the fire starter as the sharp corners are rounded and cut. If you are going to use a fire starter, it would be more appropriate to make a half file work pattern on the handle.


Handmade Mirror Surface : Again, a feature that increases the collection value. The adventure that starts with 250 grit gradually ends with hand polishing up to 5000 grit (-360-500-600-800-1000-1200-1500-2000-3000-). When the process is finished, a completely mirror surface is obtained. The mirror surface has no effect on the quality or durability of the blade. If you are going to use your knife constantly, we do not recommend a mirror surface. As you use it over time, scratches will occur again and both our effort and the extra fee you pay will be wasted.


Fire Starter (Magnesium Stick): It is a product used to make fire in nature. When you order, it is produced next to the sheath of your knife and with the same wood as your knife. It measures 8 cm and 8 mm and is of high quality.

Ek bilgi

Model Name


Total Length

250 mm

Blade Length

130 mm


N690 4 mm


60 HRC


Walnut, Hybrid (+10 $), Olive, Padauk, Wenge

Production Place

Ankara, TURKEY

Blade Surface

Belt Grinding Machine Surface, Handmade Mirror Surface ( +25$ )

Back File Work (Handmade)

None, Full (+5 $), Half Handle (+3 $)

Fire Starter (Magnesium Stick)

Fire Starter İncluded (+10 $), Fire Starter Not İncluded


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