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Our Mission as Nizam Knife

Our main goal is to become a brand in the world and to introduce Turkish knives on this path we set out to ensure that everyone has a good knife.

Our Vision as Nizam Knife

We are constantly working to make better quality knives, always better. We try not to reflect our quality, which is increasing day by day, to the prices as much as we can. We evaluate it in terms of price-performance. We generally use N690 steel, which is the top version of the VG-10 steel we buy from the German Böhler company, and we produce high hardness and toughness knives for heat treatment with our own methods.

Our handles, on the other hand, go through special processes so that they do not absorb water. We focus on the use of olive and walnut trees, which are unique to Turkey, and offer them to our customers.

In order to become a world brand in the future, our main motto as Nizam Bıçak is “Always better and higher quality”

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Nizam Knife

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kullandığımız materyaller sayesinde kalitesi daha fazla ve güvenilir.

Phone: 0 (543) 644 29 32
Yenimahalle / ANKARA / TURKEY
İvedik OSB. 1446. Cad. No:22/B 2. Kat